Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 28, 2011

 Hey Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have to say thank you  for the letters that  i have recieved!!! They are all way awesome. Every week i am shocked at the progress of my friends and my family. I am grateful to have heard from Hung as well as seeing my best friends and family members in the mission growing soo much spiritually!!!! It is unbelievible. I always become super happy from the good news that i hear every week. I am soo happy  and grateful to live in the epoca , with the family that i have, and the friends that have been there for me. 

That is cool what you taught about dad. I always love listening to the lessons that you give!! and mom, i know that things can be hard but you have a great calling as a mother and a grandmother and you shall receive blessing for the magnification of your marvalous calling as a mother!!!!! 

This week we have been working like usual. It has been hard to find people and we have been walking in the street alot doing contacts. I believe that there is something that i have to learn here in Las Flores, i just need a little more time to find out what that is...hahha. That is cool that Hans is going have a Ukranian as a comp. That will be fun!!!! I know that i will be here in Las Flores for at least another tranfer... so about 2 months more here in Las Flores.  Aguante Las Flores!!!!! 

I can never think of what  to    write here......oh i have a story- 
Last week we didnt have a lesson planned for the night and we were walking the streets looking for old investigators.We always walk by a house with a pitbull barking at us... Here in Argentina there are alot of Pitbulls and dogs similar called Dogos, as well as rotweilers on account of    robberies and stuff--- here in Las Flores it is calm so dont worry... but we walked past this house just when a lady entered in the house and out came the pitbull full force towards us. I just stopped there ,and my comp ran... the dog passed me like i didnt even exist but ran towards my comp. It looked like it was going to trun bad, but luckily the dog was obedient to the lady, heard her call and ran back....it was a little scare, but now it is kinda funny hahahaha

Thank you all for your support!!! I love you all and you are all in my prayers!!!!! I hope that you all have a good week!!!!!!

Love Elder Shane Larson