Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011

Hey Family!!!
I cannot write much this week, sorry, i dont have much time. This week went prety good. I am still in Las Flores and i will be here for at least the next 3 months. My comp is a mini missionary that lives in a place called Solano. He lives in the neighboring city of where i first started. He is doing what erik did right before he left on the mission. So he will be here for 6 weeks and then he gets to go home... He also says hi. He is realy excited to be here on the mission and he really likes to work. He has problems with his sight and doesnt see very well, but it is a blessing to have him as a comp and i learn things everyday from him. We are trying to work hard and stay focused in the mission and i think that we will see alot of success here in the next 6 weeks!!! It has been a good experience so far being a trainer and teaching a new missionary how to work. I will be here in Las Flores for at least 3 months from now, so it should be a good time. Other than that, today we just ate with a member, and i took a nap... pretty boring but the nap was good:)

I am sorry that the letter is soo short, but i have to go. I will writed longer next week. Thanks you for the letters and i am glad that all of you are doing well and i hope that Erik and Alisha have fun on their cruz!!! I lover you all and i hope that you all are safe!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!! you are all in my prayers!!!