Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 13, 2011

Hey Family!!!

This week went really god for me. Finally a week that was actually great!!! I am happy and thankful for a good week. I am also happy to hear about you all and that youare all doing good! I cannot beleive about that fire... crazy and that someone would actually start that... thats pretty dang crazy. !!!!
This week was good because we were able to find alot of people and they are all willing to listen and to find out for themselves if the message is true. We did a contact and this man came out and treated us really well, but we couldnt enter then but came back another day and hium and his wife were super interested. They had the perfect questions and we had the answers. they hungered to know the truth... it was way awesome and the Spirit was there.
Another story is that we found another lady and she wants to know what church is true and how she can know. We explained how she can know and about the Prophets and got really excited when she heard about the prophets it was soo fun teaching her because she was so surprised and intrigued.
I have felt the Spirit alot this week and that is way i was sooo happy. I love te4aching and sharing the Gospel as well as having the Holy Ghost as a companion.
I love you all and i hope that you all have a good week adn are safe!!! My prayers are with you all and i love you all!!!!!
Love Elder Shane Larson
I know a couple of people from American Fork. That is cool that Erik and Alesha are thinking about moving and i hope that they are happy.