Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 6, 2011

Hey Family!!!!
How are you all doing? I thank you all for the letters that you all have sent me, they were great!!! I cannot believe that Brad is finishing his mission already... that seems a little crazy to me.
Things seem to be going the same here in Las Flores, there isnt really anything new going on and so i have not a whole lot to write about. I am sorry, but it seems to be like that.
However, this week a little girl that has a baptismal date finally came to church for the first time and is heading for her baptismal goal. so that is really good!!!
I am happy to hear that everybody is doing well there and that you completed a goal mom!!! That is great!!!!!!! I love the scriptures and they really help us follow Christ. I hape that Madison has a good time in AZ and that she can grower in the Gospel. Like Hans said, Madison, you are the example in you family and you can make a big difference and halp your family alot!!! Kepp up the good work in School too!!!
I hope that everybody is doing good!!! I thank  you all for you examples and all that you do for me!! I am doing good and staying happy!! I know that true happiness comes for the Gospel because i have seen it many times in my life. I love you all and hope that you all will have a good week!!!! My prayers are with you all!!!!
Love Elder Shane Larson
Dad-Thank you dad for the fast that you did for my benefit!!!!! Thank you soo much!!!!!!!!!!
Alex- Charity is very important. I think that one of the things  that is important is that you love God and Christ the best you can. And then you will understand the love they have for you and for all the children of God. As a missionary, You are a representative of Christ, therefore you will have to love others as  if they are you brother, becasue they are. At times it is hard, but when you love a person you will find out that it is easier to get alon with them and you will want the best for them, even though they might not understand what is best for them. Charity comes by hard work and alot of asking in prayer. It is hard at times but it is possible. Like Hans said, you will have to refrain from judging others but loving them and helping them recieve blessings.