Saturday, August 6, 2011

August 1, 2011

Hey family!!!!!
It sounds ike everybody is doing good there i at home. i like that you have a garden dad, that is really cool and i always that it was interesting, but that is a good example of autosufficiency. I like it alot and i know that i will have a garden when i have my own house. I was telling my comp the other day that i have never bought lemons in my life becuase we have a tree in the back yard. I am glad that you two went to go visit some members, i know that it may not seem like much, but it really means alot for those members. I have seen alot of cases here where peopl have left the church because nobody ever visits them so good job mom and dad!!!!
I think that that is a way cool story that David told. I like it alot and that is a great blessing in his life. Everybody can be a missionary and it great to have the opportunity to help someone, especially someone that you love, enter into a covenant with our Father in Heaven. That is cool that he is now off for the mission.
I thought it was kinda weird that hans said i havent written in a while because i write every week. I hope that you are all getting my letters. This last week we had a crazy storm and i got all wet. It was raining really hard, not for a long time, but really hard and there was lighting and thundering. I htought it was interesting because my companion said that before the mission he had never seen lightning. It was a pretty big storm and there where neighborhoods that were left without light or electricity. Some peoples houses were damaged, but other than that it was all good.
I am enjoying the misison. i think that i can still improve in alot of areas. I am happy for the position that i am in and for the opportunity that i have to serve others. Thank you all for writing me and for hte news update!!! So that meand that Erik will be all moved up by next week. What car does he have? What is he going to do? How is Molly doing?? How is Nathan and Ryan?
I would like to send pics next week, so we will see if the computers wrk in another area so that i can send you pics.
I love you all and i hope that you are all doing good and having fun living the gospel at home. I cannot believe how fast time is flying by, so not too much longer until you get a hug from me mom!! And you too dad!!
My prayers are always with you all!!! Love you lots!!
Keep up the good work Hans!!!! 
Love Elder Shane Larson