Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 22, 2011

Hey Family!!!
I am glad that you are all doingwell there at home and i can hardly imagine what the house is like without any children nor anybody pretty much.... thst is super crazy!! This week went pretty good, it was pretty calm and a whole lot didnt go on. The time is flying by pretty fast, i can hardly beleive it. My companion is from Queen Creek- his name is Levi Combs and he end the mission in 5 weeks, but will be home in 6. He also served in Las Flores a couple of months before i was there. He wants to go and visit you all after he arrives so be prepared for a visit from him. To answer your question mom, i am pretty close to the ocean but i cannot go to it becasue my area is on the interior and my zone doesnt reach to the coast. But it wouldprobably take 45 minutes to get there in the bus.

Today for P-day we went to visit a soccer stadium and we also went to vist the governors house. It is a big building that is really old, but it is in pretty good shape. I took some pictures and i will try to send some nexy week becasue i cannot really send them this week due to me forgetting the things that lets me transfer them from my card to the computer.  It is pretty cool here in la plata and it is very different from my other areas that i have been in. It seems like this place is a little richer than all the other areas that i have been in because this is the capital of Buenos Aires and there are alot of universities here. Another thing that my companion and i have started doing everyday is we go out to run every morning. I am feeling pretty good running every morning and i am enjoying the good exercises. Also, it is a good start for the marathon.

I am happy that everybody is doing well. I hope that Erik can get a job soonand i hope that everybody in the family is doing good!!! I dont write too much becasue everything happens soo fast and sometimes it seems like i do much of the some things everyday. I am doing good and i am very thankful for all of your prayers and the letters and eveything that you all do for me!!! I keep you all in my prayers and in my thoughts!!! Love you all!!!!


Love Elder Shane Larson

Keep up the good work Hans!!! I know that you will... and everybody thinks that you are a stud- they know it- kepp it up hans!!!