Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 15, 2011

Hey Family!!!!
That sounds like everybody is doing great there at home!! i am happy to hear that Erik and Alesha are doing good and that they have completed a happy first year as a married couple!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! that is awesome to hear and i am happy for them. Hans sounds like he is doing good, so that is good. I hope that everybody is doing good and i hope that the grandparents are also doing well!!!

This week for me has been a good week. I have been thinking alot of time lately. Maybe it isnt a good thing, but i have been thinking that the time is just flying by. I can hardly believe. Half of the missionaries that i have had as companions have completed the mission and i am reaching the point to where i am almost one of the oldest missionaries. there are still other missionaries that are older, but i cannot beleive how fast time is flying by. It also makes me think of how important time is. We onle have a certain amount of time whether it be in the mission, school, or in life, and we shall be judged for what we did in the time that wwe have been given. There isnt enough time in the life, so you cannot waste not even a minute.

The news for this last week is that my companion were able to baptize a man that is half paralyzed from a stroke that he had. He can not move the right part of his body. He also has a hard time speaking and remembering. He had the desire to be baptized and was keeping the commandments. His wife is a member and she also had helped him. We were able to teach him and got baptized on Saturday. It was special because my companion and i were both in the baptismal font baptisming him. He didnt make it in all the way the 1st time so we had to do it another time, but before we did it officially we did some practices becasue we had to lift him off a chair that he was sitting on and then put him in the water and then take him out. It was a great service and the first time that i was able to baptize a person with a handicap like that. It was really special for him and for us.

Other than that, i have been transferred again. I am with an Elder from Queen Creek named Elder Combs. He is about to finish his mission. I am in a place called tolosa that is in the capital of the Buenos Aires. I have never been in this zone before so i am really excited to be here and get to know the people and everything.

I am doing well here and i am thankful for the opportunity to serve as a missionary of the Lord. I thank you all for the love that you express and for writing me. I love you all and i hope that you all have a good week!!! I hope that you all can have the great influence of the Holy Ghost in your lives!!! My prayers are with you!!!

Love Elder Shane Larson