Monday, October 10, 2011

October 10, 2011

Hey Familly!!!!!!!!!!
How is everybody doing there at home? I hope that everyone had a good last week. I am busy wrking hard here with my companion.  we are working really hard in trying to find more people to be baptized. I work really well with Elder Molina and we are starting to do alot of good work here in tolosa. Other than that, everything here is going really well. Today we went to a catholic cathedral. It was super huge and had alot of "interesting" things inside of it. there was obviously an apostasy becasue some of thethings that are inside ot the huge building are against some commmandments that we recognize as being basic. it was a good experience though and had some very beautiful stained glass.
During this last week we had another meeting with the president. i love getting to know the president and i love getting to work with him and his wife. they are great people and it is really a joy to work with them. We are working good here.this last week there wasnt a whole lot of new things going on. My companion and i are really trying to work hard. He has 6 weeks less than me in the mission so we will both be ending around the same time, therefore we are really trying to step it up. I am happy that levi went over to give you guys the gifts and what not. Mom i still owe you a gift,more that a hug, but dont worry i shall return with a little something from the arg for you too!! That belt dad, is from the huge beaver look creature. it is the largest rodent inthe world, maybe you have seen it on discovery. I forget what it is called but here they call it a carpincho. I am also glad that you all liked the pics the stories and the candies. I love those candies too, but i have been trying to hold back so i can come home in good shape!! :D That was way cool that you got to meet elder combs. He was a great companion and i was able to learn alot from him, we also had our share of laughing and good times that i know he told you time is running short now, i have to get going.... i love you all and i hope that  you are all safe and doing well!!! I pray for you all always!!!

Love Elder Shane Larson
about school... i would like to start the next semester. The online things sounds great too because i would like to get a start on things and what not. I would also work in the warehouse because that was a good job. I really want to study hard though when i get back home. I have gained a love for learning and reading so i am excited about going to school. Other than that dad, i am not sure. I think the online sounds good until the next transfer because i want to start as soon as possible but i want to make sure that the credits can be trasferred.