Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 17, 2011

Hey Family!!!!!
I am happy to hear from you all there at home and i am glad that you are all doing well!! I hape that you can feel better mom and that your knees can get a better as well. I didnt know that there was turkeys on our street. That is crazy!!! it seems like all of the exotic birds want to come live on our street.
Well, this last week went by really fast and even today is just flying by. I cannot belive it. last week we had exchanges and it didnt go too well until we had a great lesson filled with the spirit with the one girl that we found when elder combs was still here. The next day her mother called and told us not to come back because she is not a believer and doesnt want us to come back. it is sad, but i know the spirit was super strong in that lesson so i hope for the best.
On wednesday and for the rest of the week it was cloudy and it rained all afternoon wednesday. My comp and i got soaked. we had rain coats on and they did nother in protect us. that same night we had a meeting witht the mission pres., the stake pres. and the area 70. It was a fun meeting learning how we can improve the work here. I am happy that i have the privledge to work with some very sprirtual men.
Mothers day was yesterday here in Argentina so that was pretty cool. It is kinda weird because it is the only country that doesnt have mothers day in may i think.
The work is moving forward here. It is a little difficult finding people in this area, but we are still working at finding all the people willing to listen. It is fun doing this work, i love it!!!!
Well time is flying by super fast and it appears that everybody is busy there at home. thank you all for you notes and for the prayers!! They mean alot. Keep on being examples!!!! I love you all very very much!!!!!
Love Elder Shane
you all be safe now!! my prayers are with you!!