Monday, October 3, 2011

October 3, 2011

Hey Family!!!
I am gald to hear that you all had a good week!! That is great!! Here it went well for me too!!! My companion and i are here working super hard together!!!  I love working with my companion because he has good desires and he is a hard worker, plus, we get along great! It has been pretty fun so far, and before when we were together it was super fun as well. As for this week in the work... we had a meeting for the leaders and we were watching conference on saturday and on sunday. That was grreat!!!! i love conference and i love hearing from the leaders. Pres. Monson is a really strong leader, and super funny as well. He is a great speaker and has a really sweet spirit as well, how lucky we are to live in this time with a prophet from God like Pres. Monson.
Other than that, it has been tranquilo. This letter seems soo small.. another cool thing that happened this week is that a family got baptized in between sessions yesterday. they are from a neibhoring ward so we were there to see tham and support them. It was super cool and it was super special too because of the special circumstance. We also did a service project cutting up a vine of a lady and helping her clean her backyard. It reminded me of you mom because she always does it herself and then we were there to help her reach the things that she couldnt reach and do.
In my Pdays i just usually hang out with the district or the zone sometimes. sometimes we play soccer or we watch a movie approved by the mission. We go out to eat and do the chores that are necessary. Other than that we write home and we relax. Then at 6 we leave to go work. I like chillin on pdays so that i can be well rested for the week. I have also picked up on drawing so that is fun as well.
Thank you soo much family for your support and for your prayers!!! They really do help! I love you all and my prayers are with you all!!! i hope that you all ahave a great week!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Elder Shane Larson