Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3, 2010


My week. It started off usual. Then unexpectedly we had another exchange. I got to go with one of the zone leaders. se llama Elder Montalvo. He is from Peru. We spent the day in his area and they get to ride bikes so that was fun. However, the bike was way to tall for me and at times it hurt. Other than that i learned alot from him and how to be more natural when`speaking and how to ask for referencias. Also- this is funny- at there pension there are cats that live with them. Wild cats that live in the house, so i guess they arent too wild. He feeds them and theysat on my lap and when i woke up thrsd. they were sleeping next to me!!!! hahahaha it was really funny. E' Montalvo cooks really good food too. He want to be a chef and cooked a peruvian rice and chicken dish with bell peppers chives and eggs... way good. later i made a mistake and wasted an hour by accident because i didnt hear his companion say that we were going to meet 2.30 so we went to another area at 12:30 because i thought he said 12:30 and then had to return back the the same area... it was bad on my part but he told me that the mission is full of unplanned events.

A funny story this week is that our energy bill was under some leaves in the front of our pension and we didnt know, so they cut off our power. It was bad but we paid it a day later and it was fine. It was funny beacuse we had no light and the ice in the freezer melted and was all over the ground.

To answer your questions: we currently have about 5 serious investigators. 3 of them need to get married before they can get baptized. another girl that we are teaching has family mambers that are baptized but she needs to come to church and the last we just found so we willl ses how that turns out. My comp. is the same, and i think i will be with him for another 6 weeks because this is his 2 transfer in this area so i think he will stay. I do eat dulce de leche alot, i need to stop eating so much sweet stuff because i will get fat... mi companero me dice que voy a gordarme y que cuando regreso, no me reconoceras. But that is alright... i dont think that i will. I havent had the steak or asada yet sadly or with the egg in the center.

I still havent had any baptisms. We had splits for an hour this week and that was interesting. Nothing happened. ALot of the invst. are slowing progres therefore it is hard to have baptisms whenyou are not teaching anyone. But, if all goes to plan we should have about 4-5 this month so that is exciting. My spanish is coming along slowly but surely.

Thank you for all that you do!!!!!!!!!!! You have all been such great examples to me!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL Be safe and you are in my prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Shane Larson

Can somebody send me some recipes??? More with vegetables. Nobody will belive this but i eat all different types of veggies here and fruits!!!! Can you send the recipe for potatoe soup mom??? Thanks!!! LOVE YOU!!!!