Monday, September 13, 2010

September 13, 2010

tHE ONE WITH All the missionaries is my old zone- Quilmes it is called. The coolest zone!!! The little elder is Elder Riquez, he was my zome leader and he finished his mission today. I am not sure what are others. Some are with members and with an investigator, The Mexican elder is my elder now. he is from Utah and he is a convert to the church!!!

My Family!!!

Wow, it sounds like a whole lot is going on up there!!!! Tel Sean i say congrats!!!!!! That is also a very crazy story about Erik and the Suburban!!! way crazy but i am veru hapy that he didnt crash and that everything is alright now!!!

To tell you a story dad... The work is very different and as people we cannot tell what the Lord has in store for us nor for his children. But we do know, however, that he loves us sooo much that we cannot comprehend. He loves us soo much that he sent his Only Begotten Son to die for the sins of the world. I was thinking the other day that if life gets so hard, that i cause myself to think that it is too hard and that i should give up, how much greater was it to think that Christ had to suffer that time infinity. That is a love imaginable big. When I frist came to Berazategui, my comp found a man in his house. He told my comp and another missionary to come back another daybecause his wife really like the religion. We went back the other day and there was this guy and his son. His son had gone to a church activity before with a friend. We began teaching him and we found that he had some problems with drinking. He had a true desire to change and had stopped in a week. Then he was baptized. Now his mother is waiting for her time to be baptized. She needs to get married before but she is in a time of waiting.

To Tell a little about my week. Elder Baggaley and i finished the transfer pretty strong! I got to know the people in Berazategui really well and the work over there was going really good! We recieved references and this week, after recieving a reference from a man, we began teaching his girlfriend. His girlfriend had a testimony becuase this guy is taking her to institue. I belive that she will be baptized very soon.

I am not in Berazategui anymore. I am in a place called Mayol. I am in my first zone and i am with an Elder named ELder Molina. He was in the MTC with me, but already speaks spanish in his house, so he spent less time there. We are together and we are reopening an area, or better said, an area was split and we are going there. Hewas there before but has never worked in the area, so it is really fresh. We will have to start from scratch. I am very excited for this new area and for the challenges that are coming. I hope for the best in this area!!! I am in a cool position now. I am going to be comps with an elder that came tO Argentina with me practically. He is way cool. He is from St. George, and there are actually alot of missionaryies here from St. George. We are pretty much starting from scratch like i said earlier and i hope that alot of Baptisms will come from this.

I want to say sorry to hans for saying he looks like he has gained weight. I have also if anybody can tell. I think that i have and i have definitely lost muscle, sadly. By the end of my last transfer i had one of my member friends calling me Pooh... but i really am not that big, he just liked to bug me.

I wish the best for everybody there at home. Maybe dad, you can put these scriptures in you talk... DC 130:5 i think; DC 92:36 and Proverbs 3 about gaining knowledge and wisdom. Through obedience to your knowledge you will be blessed... i like these scripts...

I love you all and i hope the best for you all!! My prayers are with you!!!11