Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 27, 2010

Hello Family!!

Well, this week went by really fast and i cannot believe the time is flying by soo fast. I am happy to here about the calling of Ali. That is cool that she is going to ViƱa del Mar. That is where one of my comps. was from and my zone leader is pretty much from there too. I hear it is a touristic place and that the bread there is super delicious. Tell her i say congrats and that she will love that mission!!!

To tell you about the people here mom. The econonmy here is aweful. The people here work wherever they can find a job, but there arent many of those either. There ways of living are more of the world than not. There are very many women that have several kids without a father because he left. It is sad seeing all the kids without any example. I am in a place that has alot of campo, which are big fields, in a part of my area. Other than that, there are many houses nad a whole lot of people. Alot of the people bought their land a while ago and havequite a bit, so there children build there house behind and there they live. so instead of having a backyard, there is another little house or shack thing. it is interesting.

I am glad that you were able to get something out of the letters that i send dad. I learn alot here in the mission. This last week, there was this drunk/druggie that wanted money from my comp and I. I told him that i didnt have any, but i forgot that i had coins in my pocket and i dropped them trying to show him that i didnt have any. He took a peso from me, which is about 25 cents. He made my comp and i really mad and we lost the spirit. But, my comp and i learned something after that. We lost the Spirit. You know how the scriptures say that if you do not have the Spirit you cannot preach. That is definelty tru. We prayed in the street a couple times because we knocked on about 5-10 houses with nothing. We became quick to anger and then afterward we realized our mistake... it wasnt good. We didnt do anything, we were just angry at what happened.We lost the Spirit and we couldnt preach like the scripture says, virtually impossible to do anything at this time.

After a while and after we cooled down and prayed a couple more times, we were then blessed with the opputunity to teach a man and his wife.

I am glad that everybody there is doing well!!! Mom i hope that you feel better!! and that the family is doing well!!!That is cool that erik is in the young mens!! Congrats!!!! Hans sounds like he is doing well over in russia.I am happy for him and i wish the best for him, i can only imagine how different it is. He has the Lord on his side though and nothing can stop him. I liked the pics erik sent!!! those were cool to see and it is different hearing that he wont be there when we get home. But that he will be in Utah!! wow, i guess you two can hang out with me for the rest of your lives because i think i am going to stay in the AZ!!! woot woot

I love you all and i am thankful that i was born in such an amazing family. I am proud of you for starting to read the Gospel Principles book mom!!! That is a really helpful book because we are reminded of the things of the Lord. It is pretty much a book to learn how we can obtain blessings: rey bueno!!!

I love you all and i pray for all of you!! Thank you for your prayers!!! Be Safe!!

Hasta Lunes!!!

Con Amor,
Elder Larson