Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20, 2010

Hello Family!!!!
Those pictures i took here this week. We are in a 4 man pension. There is my comp, Elder Molina from Utah, elder Knighton from Gilbert (he went to Mesquite high), and elder Rhoton the shorter one of the other two who is from Idaho, but he was born and basically raised in Georgia.Elder Molina was in the MTC with me but he already knew spanish so he didnt spend that much time there. We came to argentina about the same time. He is pretty cool and pretty funny. The 4 man pension is different but it is fun. The other elders are really cool and we all get along good.

This area that i am in now is called Mayol and i am in part B, the other 2 are in part A. It is kinda slow since we are basically starting new but we were able to find 4 investigators this week and they all seem really good. I hope for the best in this area. The pension was kinda difficult at first. I didnt have a bed my first day so i slept on the ground... then we didnt have any hot water for the first 4 days so i had to boil water and bath from a bucket. Other than that, the roof leaks in a part and it is not in my room soo all is good, at least for me;)

Here there are many jehova witnesses. A couple tried to interupt a contact that we were making, at least it seemed like it to me, and the other day they tried to contact my comp and I. We were in the pension and we here a clapping at our door and there they were. They try to argue the Bible but they wouldnt accept anything from us even though they were handing out pamphlets themselves. It was an interesting experience but i think that my testimony grew of it so i was happy.

One of those pictures that you see is indian fried bread that i made. Then we made tacos out of them with lettuce and tomates. My comp had tacoseasoning that he got from his mother.

Other than that everything is going goodhere. I am glad to hear that Jeff has his call and that Blaine is on his way... can somebody give me his adress for the MTC. I am going to send him a lettter. I love them both, and i really hope that they are excited to leave and get to work!! I hear that Blaines talk was really good.. that sounds like Blaine to me. It is also fun to hear how hans and Grandad and Granma are doing. Does Grandad have a pacemaker now? When did he get that?I hope that Hans is having fun... those people sound interesting. There are alot of "catholics" here. I dont know how many actually know in what they believe though..there are also a lot of saints, for example the saint of death which is pretty much the grim reaper... weird stuff. I know that you are doing good though hans and like that elder said, just keep working hard and have your objective in mind and the Lord will bless you!!!

I just got done reading the end of Alma´s record... pretty intense stuff.... I love you all and i hope that everything is good there!!! I challenge you all to read the Book of Mormon like the stake president challenged you? Read it!!! it is awesome!!!!

WHat is wrong with Erik and Alesha that i have not heard anything about them... tell them to at least breifly describe to me how life is going. It is not like he just got married or anything big hapened in his life that he cant...hahahaha just kidding:P

I love you all!!! I hope that you are all well!!!! you are in my prayers!

Con Amor
Elder Larson

ps. The picture with the spikes in the back, that is one common argentine haircut. this was right before i got my hair cut. Love ya´ll!!!!!!!