Monday, September 6, 2010

September 6, 2010

Hey Family!!!!
So i had a pretty busy week this week... at least it seemed to me very busy. We are working alot with the members and that is really fun because i get to know the people better and the Spirit can be.

Let us see, we had exchanges and i got to go to a neighboring area. it is called Cruce Valera. I went with a missionary named Elder Maxfield from Utah. He is pretty cool and we had a mas o menos exchange because a storm called the Santa Rosa was passing this week.This happened on wed and thursday and wednesday night we made chocolate chip cookies and it was a good time.

Other things that we did in the week. We had a service project and we went to paint a school. It was pretty fun. It was Saturday morning and lasted until midday, a little later than that. I had good old paint all over my hands in which everybody asked me on sunday what i had on my hands. This is actually funny because everybody says that my hands are cold... i think i have bad circulation in my hands, and this sunday it was, " oh qué mano fría y qué tiene en sus manos?" This is old what cold hans and what is that.hahahaha funny. But we ended that service project and then we went and had a baptism. We baptized a an 11 year old whose family is part members. His situation is different but hew is a good kid. That was a big day for us!! very long too.

A funny story for the good old Sunday Sacrament meeting. The grandparents that take this boy that was recenbtly baptized werent there and then we were thinkiong that he wasnt there but he was. I got the priviledge to confirm him. I think i was a little worried about giving him a blessing- which isnt good because it distracts the spirit- and so i went up there with my comp and the bishop and i put my hands on his head. Then i said we confirm you a member of the church... In short, I left our "of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints". I had to redo it again in front of everybody but it was a good learning experience. Another good Sunday story- We went and left with 2 members to visit another less active member. So we left and had a good lesson and what not. We were walking the members down the main street in the area pretty much and there is a group of people graffiting a metal crutain to cover the windows of a store. They were filming it and what not and it didnt seem to matter to them that they were painting on somebody´s property. I thought it was really crazy... But i guess things happen like this here. It almost seemed that they were supose to be doing it, being 5 o clock in the afternoon and on the main street. Pretty interesting i thought.

Estela, the lady that performed the little act last week didnt come.(that would be really awkward if she did.) And we finished the week like that. We have two families that have up to 5 people that can be baptized. I hope that everything goes well with these families. They are really liking the gospel, if not the whole family a good portion. I hope that they can all recieve testimonies so that they can enter in God´s fold and become eternal families.

Other than that, this is pretty much my week. Stil trying to work hard. I am thankful for the letters. I got a letter from Blaine this week. I hope that he is doing good. He is a good example. It sounds like things are changing lot there and that this are passing on. Wich is weird because it didnt feel that way when i was there. It didnt feel like anything was different when Erik was on the mission. Now it seems like that i will have to reknow everybody and everything again. I thought that that was cool about you and hunter and the Bishop dad. I would like to go hunting. Are the rabbit legs and the Quail that i shot still in the freezer? can smoebody eat that if they are, or atleast give it to the dogs... i would not like that to go to waste. Thanks for everything!!!!!!!!1 I love you all!!!!!!!! Be safe!!!! Hans looks a little bigger in the face, as well as myself- thats what i am talking about Hans. Looking at shane and seeing his beard is something different... my beard status- i sont have one and i cant have one, buut if i could it would be comin´along ;P I love you all!!!!!!!!1 sory for the random comments.

Con Amor,
Elder Larson

Ps. Cómo estás Erik? Cómo andas con ALesha y la apartamento y todo? todo bien? Escribeme!!!!! Quiero saber cómo es con la vida así, ni conozco Alesha entonces, escribenme!!! (si quieren ustedes)