Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 15, 2010

Hey Family!!!
 It is currently rainingright now like what dad said it would do. It is pretty cool becuase there is lighting that is making a cracking thunder!!! It seems to be pretty close, but there are no worries.
Wow, it sounds like dad had a pretty busy week there and mom I am sure it wasnt that boring :) I do miss the temple. that is something that i am not able to do down here for now... hopefully by the end of my mission I will be able to go through the Buenos Aires Temple!!! They are still redoing it, and it wont be open until about October of next year.That is so great that you were able to go to the temple dad and help all those people who cant help themselves right now!! That is cool too how you saw alot of people from the stake!!
That football game sounds pretty intese too by the way. I didnt know what was going on iin that leadership training thing, excpt that everbody hasnew manuals now. It seems to me, maybe i am wrong, but there are alot of changes in the church having to do with using the Spirit and strrengthening all the members. When i hear things like this i cant help but to think that the time is getting shorter and shorter.

ABout the Día de los Muertos, i am not sure that they have it here, i dont think so though because nobody has celebrated it or anything. Here, I hear, Christmas is really crazy. Everybody throws their own handmade fireworks/bombs in the air and they all like to get drunk and party. i dont think that it is going to be anything like up there.

About the work herein Mayol B, like i said, i think, it is getting kinda tough. The investigators that we have are progressing pretty well and they are learning alot, the only thing that they dont do is go to church. This is absolutely necessary if they want to get baptized. We have walked quite a bit this last week. I think that i have lost some weight, or at least i hope that i have!!!!That is a good story that Forrest had, and i would use that to help, but the area book is only part fully useful to me, because i  helped to re-open the area and almost all the people that are in the book i have either taught them or have gone by. However, i think that there may be a few that we could pass by still.

There was a really good lesson that we had this week. Missions across the world are changing to focus on the needs of the investigators. This week we had a lady that we found with her husband. She seems like she know a bit about religion and she is catholic. So the first lesson we talked about Joseph Smith and gave them a Book of Mormon and left with a return appointment. When we arrive for the return appointment, the first thing that she told us after we entered into the house is that it wasnt going to be a long appointment. We were kinda taken back. She said she read and said a prayer, therefore, what was the problem? She that she thought it was like the Bible, that the names were changed but that the religion wasnt very different from the catholic. She said that the Joseph Smith story was different but other than that, it wasnt much different. But, we sat there and we talked to here. We helped her with her doubts and her problems and we left there with her thinking... plus she told us to come back another day. I had felt the Spirit soo much in that lesson and i felt that we went there and really helped her feel the spirit and understand more of the Gospel. I felt really good after that lesson.

That was a very good highlight of my week!!! Thank you to everybody that writes!!! i have been greeatly blessed in my life!!!! I hope that all is well and that you, mom and dad, are feeling good and staying active!!! Yay!!!! That is the way to go!!I love you all and I hope for the best blessings upon all of you!!! I just had a thought dad, when you are look at those pictures and thinking about you and mom  and the family, in really comforts me to know that the happiness that the family brings doesnt end in this life, but continues through the eternities!!!I love you all and i hope everybody is safe and that hans is having fun!!!! Love You!!!!

Elder Shane Larson