Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 22, 2010

 I dont have much time this week because my comp and i did a service for a member today and we came back a little later than we expected, plus it is a "new" holiday here, and we couldnt find a place to write. But to answer your question mom, there is not thanksgiving here, and i dont know if i will celebrate it at all... but we will have to see. It is raining very hard right now, and the humidity that has been here has been pretty strong.

That is sad to hear about Sis. Evans, but i guess it was her time to go back to our Father in Heaven. I did know Brett a little bit because he pole vaulted with me his last year. But it sounds like everything is going well up there!! There is no changes in my mission yet. In Two weeks there will be transfers and we will see what happens. I have a feeling that my comp will leave and i will stay here. That is really cool that Hans is goin to be Zone Leader!! Que Bueno!!!!! That is awesome and that is really a great experience and responsibility!!! I hope that you can fulfill your goal dad!!!! That would be awesome!!! Keep up the good work!!!! Tell Jack congrats for me!!! He sounds like a stud to me. Keep up the good work Jack!!!

This week went kinda slow. These past couple of weeks have been pretty hard... but, thanks Hans, your words are inspiring!!! I dont like to be down and i dont think that there is any reason to be sad or discouraged if you can be happy and optimistic. There are different situations that we are put in. I was thinking the other day that there is no reason that i have to complain about anything. I have been extremely blessed in my life. All the experiences that i have had, you all as my family and the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I dont know how much more i coupld have, and it is really a shame to be complaining about minute things, not saying that i complain alot. I hope that you all dont have to hear me complain... but as members of the True Church of Jesus Christ, we are truly blessed to an extent that, at many times, we dont realize it, or at least sometimes i dont. I havent got any packages mom, but i wont be able to recieve a package until the 6th, thats when we have transfers!!!! So that will be cool because i think that i will get it on my brithday!!!

We walked alot this last week. I dont have much time to send photos, but i will try the next week!! I have gotten darker, as in tan because we walk so much in the sun and i think that i have lost a little weight. I am not completely sure, but i think that i have, at least i hope.

 The weather is crazy!!! It is raining super hard here again!!! it is way crazy!! ther was soo much rain and it starts without a whole lot of warning, plus nobody teels us when it is going to rain or not. However, the humidity can kinda tell you when the rain is going to come because it was pretty humid this last week. I am not sure what the fireworks are that they make and throw into the air, i think they must be like firecrackers... but there have been a couple of firework places that i have seen here as well, so we will seewhat they shoot off. 

I love you all!! I hope that you are all safe and well!!! I want to add on to whatever the high priest councilors said, that the Book of Mormon is an amazing book that really changes peoples lives. Right now i am reading in 3 Nephi in chapters 11-20. These are where Christ had come to the Americas. I will tell you one thing, that i would absolutly love to see Christ in a way that the Nephites had seen Him. I was thinking about when he first arrived in the Americas, in chapter 11. I thought about how it would be like. I thought if i would feel worthy enough to stand next to him and feel his plams and feet and sides, or what would i do... would i ask him something or would i be soo amazed that i couldnt talk? I can only imagine. The Book of Mormon is the truest book in the world. It is very crucial that we read the Book of Mormon. I love it!!!! I hope that you all can enjoy feasting upon the wonderful words found in this amazing book.

I love you all and i hope that you are all doing well!!!! Keep safe!! I am always praying for you!! I love you and may God bless all of you!!!

Elder Shane Larson