Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 8, 2010

 There was alot to read this week, but i am happy about that!! I thank you all for  your support and for the letters!! It sounds like everything is going pretty well, i am really happy that all of you are doing well and there are not any problems or anything.
First off, I live in a place called Florencio Varela. i am sure that you will be able to find that place. If not, look for Quilmes and i am just south west of that. it is raining right now and has cooled off alot since yesterday. It was pretty hot and humid yesterday. I took a shower at night and i wasnt able to stop sweating for a long while... no me gusta.
That is pretty cool the experiences that Forrest has had from the mission and about that 50 year old man. It sounds like everything is good in the young mens with the turkey shot and all. Tell Jack i say congrats for being the region champ!!! that is pretty cool and it sounds like they will go far this year. That is a very interesting story from brother George. I would like something like that to happen, it would be very special, but then again it is not my will.
That is very true that the work brings the Spirit. I think that I feel the Spirit the most when i share my testimony. When i a person needs the Gospel and i can relate it to them in a way that they can feel the Spirit, which is generally through testimony or scripture, is when i feel the Spirit a  whole lot.Genealogy work too becaue it is part of missionary work. Look inPreach my Gospel and the is a quote by Pre. Kimball in chapter 9 i think that is somethign like " I wish that members would disoolve the artificial boundary between missionary work and temple work because they are both the same great redemptive work." something like that. This work is the most important on earth, therefore we will feel the spirit when we engage in it. However, i must agree, I feel the Spirit very strong when i read the scriptures. In fact, scripture reading changes my day. I am not sure sometimes if i feel the Spirit when i read but i am sure that he is there. I will tell you one thing though, those days when i have a good spiritual personal scripture study, i have a better day in general, ad nothing seems to get me down really.
I thought that is was interesting what hans was saying keeping records... it states that we need to keep records in several places in the scriptures and hans has given a good example of why we need to in the mission. Another good reason is to do genealogy work. If nobody kept any records, we wouldnt have any scriptures, which is another thing that is interesting because i like to write in my journal, maybe one day my kids will look at it as if it were scripture to them in their missions.
there was a story about sunday though... right before 2nd hour, i was asked if i could give the class. I said yes and i later found out that it was on the Mundo de los Espíritus. So i started and finished in about 15 minutes with about another 35 minutes to spare. With the help of another missionary i was able to extend the lesson and talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how we can end up in either prison or paradise. It was funny because i told the class that there was nothing left and that we were going to review what we just learned... so i went over the lesson and then we reviewed it. hahaha kinda embarrassing but fun ;P
That story about that dead person was pretty intense too....
I am good here! Nothing big going on. There were some people that i met this last week that i really love talking to and being around. they are from paraguay and are just the nicest people. The lady let us in here house as if she knew us forever and the husband was as equally friendly. I really hopw th at they will progress in the church because they are sooo sweet I wouldnt want them not to be enlightened by the truth. We were very blessed with many people to talk to this week. I am not sure why the Lord gives me soo many blessings in my life, it has been that was since i have been born, but with alot of belssing, there is alot of responsibility and that is what i need to work on this week i think.
Keep reading the Book of Mormon dad!!!! It brings many many blessings and keeps us out of dangers way!!! are you and mom reading it together??? For christmas i was thinking, i would like pictures to show everybody what you all look like!!! that can be what you send me!! I love you all, and i hope you are all safe!!!! My prayers are with you!!

Elder Shane Larson