Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14, 2011

Hey Family!!!!!

How is everybody doing??? I am glad to hear that Matt is happy and that Shannon is helping him and i am also happy that Erik and Alesha are happy and that they are doing good. They are great exapmples for us liek hans and i. I am happy to hear that hans is doing good too. I cannot believe that he still weighs only 165 pounds. that is really good and i can see it being a good weight for hans. To let you know i am weighing about 83-84 kilos, 10 more that hans. so that means that i am weighing about 85, but i think that i am losing weight... we will see i guess though.
It sounds like that stake conference went pretty well. It is interesting that the focus on missionary work is getting bigger and bigger. it is definetely the number 1 thing that we need to do as missionaries and members: help all of our brothers and sister that dont have the Gospel, get it in their lives and hold on to the iron rod. Missionary work is great and makes one feel really good. This last week we had a baptism of a 10 year old girl. She want to be baptized even in the first visit that we had. She understood everything very well and she seem very prepared for her baptism. It was great to see her, being so happy getting baptized and also when she got confirmed. It is a great priviledge and blessing that our Father in Heaven gives us to help our brothers and sisters in this special work. 

It seems like the time is going fast. All of my days get scrammbled together because the time goes by so fast. I cannot belive it. In my area we are really trying to find more people becasue we dont have many investigators now. So that means alot of wlking. The weather rght now here is alright. Sometimes it gets pretty hot and other times, like today, it gets prtty nice. there is one thing that i dont really like about the weather here is the humidity. But it is alright the work goes on :) I think that i have already got burned a couple of times, in fact today we played futbol and i think that i got a little burned because when i saw my face in the mirror i looked all red. 

Other than that i continue working here in Tolosa. I am very blessed to be here and to have all of your support. I hope that eveybody is doing well and that eveybody has a great week!! I love you all!!! My prayers are with you!!

Love Elder Shane LARSON