Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 21, 2011

Hey Family!!!
That is crazy about Bro Woods being the bishop. He is pretty young isnt he, like 35 around there? That is way super cool. I remember that he was my teacher when i was like 15 years old. He was a great teacher and your could definelty tell that he always showed up prepared for class even with a typed out paper for each of us to study afterwards. He was way cool and i am glad that he is the new bishop. I was just thinking about that today in the morning. I rememebr that we were talking and we were saying that Bishop Griggs probably wasnt going to be the bishop when i got back from my mission. Wow, so now it is Bishop Woods, that is great!!!
 I am gald to hear that everybody is doing well there at home and that grandma made it back safe!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!!! The big 85 that is quiet the long life. Grandma should be proud because she is in great condition.
This last week we had a meeting with the president and the leaders of the mision. It is always good to hear from the president and see what he would like us to do. For now in my area we are still looking for people to find because we are low on investigators. We are walking around alot and it is getting pretty hot and humid here, so that complicates things, but things are still good. I cannot believe that time is passing so fast. I cannot hardly keep track of it all.
I want to wish everybody a happy thanksgiving and i hope that everybody is doing well and that you all can enjoy this nice holiday.
I think that that is super cool dad that you are doing the genealogy for mom´s family. That is really great!!1 I would like to see everything when it is done and even help you if there is still work to do when i get home. That is also way sick that you are getting to the temple soo often. I really miss the temple. almost 2 years without the temple is a very long time.
Well, i have to be getting along now. Thank you all for all that you do!! I love the emails and i am hapy that everybody is doing. I hope that you all have great week!! You are all in my prayers!!! I love you all soo much!!!!!
Love Elder Larson
It was good to hear from erik!! I am glad that you are doing well. Tell Bishop Griggs thanks for the hard work that he has done for me and for the family. Tell Bishop Woods that i am happy for him and also bro wagner and nielson.