Friday, November 4, 2011

November 3, 2011

Hey Family!!!!
 Hans stories sound pretty crazy about the car crashes and what not and that is also super cool to hear about the baptism that he has been seeing over there on the other side of the world. I am also glad to hear that the family is doing good and that everybody is doing well. that is great that your knee is feeling better mom, and that your are having opportunities to share the gospel dad. It is one of the saving services, you know, missionary work brings salvation. that is super cool and am happy that you are having fun sharing the gospel. it is really a great blessing that we have to shre the gospel because we get soo much joy from doing it that it is a blessing just sharing the gospel. I am also happy to hear that Kirsten came down to visit and that she is doing good. I also like the story of Nimrod and the way that he talked with animals, i havent really ever looked at it that way.
For my week... well first of all it went by really fast. I can hardly keep track of the days noiw and i am not really sure why. We are pretty busy working, but it doesnt seem like there is enough time in the day to get everything done. We are busy trying to get some people baptized this month, so far we have some pretty high goals that we are hoping that we can reach. I am wlaking around like nobody´s business either, but it is all great!! There was changes in the mission, but i am not going anywhere and i think that i will end the mission in this place with this same companion. I am glad though because i get along really well with my comp and we are doing alot of good work together.
this last week i did an exchange with an elder from panama in my area. and then on thursday we had interviews with the president. those are always way cool and i love talking to the president. Then  after interviews i did exchanges with the assistants, with one that i had worked with before. This week already i had another meeting with the President and we are going strong. I am sorry that i couldnt write you all on monday. Pday got switched to today but i will write again on  monday to let you all know how things are going- i love you all and i hopoe that you all have a great week!!! I pray for you all and i wish you the best blessings!!!
unitl monday
Love Elder Shane Larson