Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 7, 2011

Hey Family!!!!!
How are you all doing? I am doing good here. This week we had a busy week with alot of meetings. I already mentioned what happened for alot of the week becasue i wrote just last thursday- but that was the only time that i will be writting on thursday. There  was a change in the transfer because of a seminar of mission presidents and our president had to go, so we had pday on thrusday and now again today. Other than those meetings we had a good week. Nothing super special happened, but it seems like the ward where i am at as gotten more excited to work on the service and missionary responsibilities. Which makes me happy to hear mom sharing her testimony in church. That is great!!!! I alos had the opportunity to share my testimony this last week in fast and testimony meeting. I was the last one to go in my ward. there was already a strong spirit in the sacrament hall and all the testimonies were great. i am happy to have been able to participate last sunday and for the strong spirit that was there present.
The days are getting pretty hot here and it had rained a little this past week which makes it really humid and that isnt too fun to walk in, but the sacrifice is good. The misison seems to be going by super fast, i cannot hardly believe that. We are trying to accoplish the goals that we have set and i think that also makes time go fast because we are getting, or at least trying to be busy all the time. The service is really good and i am thankful for the joy that i feel when the investigadors follow through with there committments. I am really blessed to be in the mission and to be able to learn and grow every day.
i think that that is col that you are working out alot dad. Do go too hard now ;) I am also trying to do my workouts in the morning when i have time and my comp and i go running in the morning sometimes as well.  that sounds fun and i think i will have to join you with some of those workouts when i get home!!
Well time is flying by. I love you all very much and my prayers are with you all. I am sorry that my emails are short, is ther anything that you all want to know or are there any other questions that you may have? Please be safe and keep up the good work!!!
Love Elder Shane Larson