Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28, 2011

Hey Family!!!!!
This week went really good for me. Here there is nothing such as thanksgiving. We didnt do aything special or anything for that matter for thanksgiving. However, the President of the mission left with us for a good portion of the day. He was with us in the morning and also a little bit in the afternoon and also in the evening. It was great to be able to work with him and it was also cool to see how he teaches and what i can do to get better. He is a great teacher and he is also a great leader. He loves all the missionaries in this mission and he really lets eveybody know that. He is also very understanding. I really enjoyed the time that he spent with us and i had some really great spiritual experiences with him all day thursday. I believe that my testimony grew stronger and that i was able to grow as a person.

This week we also had a stake conference and that wasa just normal. There were some good messages, but the sound wasnt working too good so it was just a good normal stake conference. We are trying to work hard here, and it is getting pretty hot down here. The kids are starting to buy fire crackers so we here those in the strreets often, and the christmas season is swiftly closing in on us. The time is flying by super fast it is unbelievible. This week we are gointo have Elder Aidukaitis give a zone conference, and the zone leaders are going to have another meeting with him. It is going to be interesting to see how that goes and i hope that i can learn all that i can from him while he is here. Other than that i am doing great here in the mission learning everyday and trying to become a better person. I am very happy for this opportunity that i have to be here and learn soo much. i am also very thankful for all the many blessings that i have in my life. especially my family. It is different being so far from the family, but it is good to know that familes are eternal and that we have an eternal family. I am very thankful for the gospel and for all the many blessings that i get from the gospel. I am especially grateful for Christ and the atonement. i am grateful for the scriptures and for wonderful lessons that they teach. i thank you all for all that yo uhave don e and do for me and for all your support!!! I love you all!!!!

Love Elder Shane Larson
congrats to matt on the engagement and what happened with erik over thanksgiving?